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Activating a new product license with CalderaDock

Learn how to automatically register, activate and attach a new product license with CalderaDock (a feature available from V2.0.)

Continue reading the fully detailed article or watch the quick overview video, which takes a CalderaRIP license as an example:


Retrieving the license information

Once a Caldera product license has been purchased, the license information will be provided. Two options are then possible:

  • The license information can be sent via a "Welcome E-mail" directly to the end user,
  • Or it can be sent to the partner handling the installation.

License registration is now automatic since CalderaDock V2.0, so you just need to create your WorkSpace account and follow the steps below.


If you have already registered or activated your license before and you need to know...

  • How to upgrade it (due to a change of Caldera product),
  • Or how to change the machine where the registration/activation was initially done,

Then, we invite you to consult this dedicated article


Activating the license with CalderaDock


Note that the former (manual) license registration is still available if needed. Refer to one of these videos for more details:

CalderaDock is the perfect toolbox. Since Version 2.0, this app has the ability to generate the unique hardware identifier (known as a fingerprint file) automatically during license registration/activation.

      1. Get the latest version of CalderaDock from the main dashboard of WorkSpace.
        • Install it (need help with this? Click here)
        • Open it
        • Go to the Licenses tab
      2. Then, click on the  button.


        The first time you will be required to log in to your WorkSpace account within CalderaDock:


      3. In the first step of the interface, you need to enter the license information:


        Software license Hardware license
        After your order is confirmed, or after you request a demo license, you should had receive an e-mail with an access number (6 digits) and an activation code (20 digits).


        After doing so, click on Fetch:


      4. Once the license is found, a CalderaRIP one in this example, you will be able to review all the features included and click on Next.


      5. In the second step of the interface, if applicable, you will be able to assign the drivers included with the license. Note that this assignment can also be made at another time. Check out this article for more details.


      6. Finally, in the third step, you will be able to activate the license on the physical machine you are using.


        Software license Hardware license
        Just click on the Activate my license button:



      7. Wait some seconds for the activation to be finished and that’s it.


      8. The newly registered license is added to your WorkSpace account and your CalderaDock application, in the "Available licenses" list.


Attaching the license

  Info - Virtual Machine

This step differs if you run your Caldera software on a Virtual Machine with a software-based license. Please refer to this article for further information.

  1. Locate the license in the "Available licenses" list and click on the "Attach" button:



    The license status will be as follows: Pending for attachment. This is normal. It will disappear the first time the Caldera software is launched.

  2. Your Caldera software is now activated and ready to be launched.
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