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CalderaRIP V16.1 - What's new?

Official M2 chip support

This latest generation of Apple chips was already supported in previous versions, however, the V16.1.0 guarantees support for high-performance operations.





Division in the cutter licenses category

Starting with this version a division in the cutter license category has been introduced.

The GrandCutServer drivers become GrandCutServer “B”. And, on the other hand, GrandCutServer “A” is now a new category that includes +10 drivers. 

Consult the complete list, here.



DeltaE formula

New EasyMedia option

Now the user can select which DeltaE formula to use, by selecting Cie dE76 or Cie dE00 from the general settings of the module.

Learn more about it with this dedicated article.



For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to the CalderaRIP V16.1 changelog.

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