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Migrating a WorkSpace account to a Caldera account


This article is intended for all owners of a Caldera WorkSpace account.

  • For existing WorkSpace accounts before September 2023:
    • Starting from September 4, 2023, your previous credentials will no longer work to access your WorkSpace account and/or HelpDesk.
    • As account migration is NOT an automated process, you need to follow the procedure described below in order to migrate to our new authentication system and keep using our services.
    • If despite your attempts the migration does not work, please write to us at 
  • For new Caldera customers registered after September 2023:
    • The migration procedure does not apply to you, as your account is already created with the new authentication system.
    • Please refer to this article if you need help registering.


What is the new Caldera SSO?

In September 2023, Caldera deployed a new authentication system that works as a Single Sign-On (SSO). An SSO allows a user to log in to several services using a single ID and password. This allows for greater security and easier administration.


Why is it necessary to migrate?

  • The new Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication system was deployed to increase security and improve user experience.
  • The migration of legacy WorkSpace accounts to the new authentication system enables Caldera's digital transformation, while enhancing the user account infrastructure for the arrival of new services that we will be introducing to you in the coming months.
  • By performing this migration, you will be able to access all of Caldera’s services using a single set of credentials (ID and password). Caldera services include WorkSpace, HelpDesk, CalderaDock, and many more to come.
  • Finally, creating a Caldera account will be simpler for our new customers!


Who is impacted?

These changes impact all owners of an account on WorkSpace, Caldera's customer portal where you can register your licenses, download our solutions, and access a wide range of resources.


How to migrate?

  1. As of September 4, access the WorkSpace sign-in page.
    Go to the official Caldera website and, from the menu bar, click on the WorkSpace button. Note that it is also possible to access WorkSpace directly by typing "" in a web browser.
    Instead of signing in, click on Migrate your account:

    WorkSpace migration 1.png


  2. Enter your e-mail and click again on Migrate:
    WorkSpace migration 2.png


  3. Then, instructions will be sent to your e-mail address:


    If your account has already been migrated, you will see a message at the top that says "The account has already been migrated", In this case, go back to the WorkSpace login page and click on "Pass lost?" to recover your password.

    WorkSpace migration 3.png


  4. Below is the email you will receive. Click on the link as indicated. If you don't see it in your inbox, don't forget to check your Spam folder as well.
    WorkSpace migration 4.png


  5. By clicking on the migration link sent to your email, you will be redirected to the same form you filled out when you first registered with Caldera.
    Please fill out the form again, with all your updated information. Then click on Confirm:


    You will be able to edit some fields with information that you have already registered:

    • First and last name: These fields can only contain letters [A-Z or a-z], space, low dash [_], hyphen-minus [-], or any of the following special characters: á, â, à, å, ä, ð, é, ê, è, ë, í, î, ì, ï, ó, ô, ò, ø, õ, ö, ú, û, ù, ü, æ, ç, and ß.
      Language-specific characters, for example, Chinese or Russian ones, are not supported at the moment.
    • Phone: This field can only contain numbers, so other characters such as the plus sign [+] cannot be entered.

    We are working to expand character support options in the near future.

    WorkSpace migration 5.png


  6. We will send you another email, from our company Dover, with a temporary password:
    WorkSpace migration 6.png


  7. Use the temporary password to sign in to Caldera with your now-migrated account:


    WorkSpace migration 7 (2).png


    To return to the sign-in page, you can: Click on the button at the end of the e-mail, go to My Account on CalderaDock (as of V3.0), or re-enter "" to your browser.


  8. Once back on WorkSpace, now click on Sign in:
    WorkSpace migration 10 (2).png


  9. You will be redirected to the new global sign-in page. Fill it in with your e-mail (now your CalderaID) and the temporary password you received. Then, click on Sign in:


    The temporary password can only be used once.

    WorkSpace migration 11.png


  10. Finally, you will be prompted to enter a new password twice on the same page. This will replace the temporary password assigned to you by the system. Also, with your new Caldera password, you will be able to access all current and future services.
    Once you are done, click on Continue:


    The password must be between 10-16 characters, and must include at least: One lowercase letter [a-z], one uppercase letter [A-Z], one number [0-9], and one special character @$%^&*-_+=[]{}|\:',.? /`~"();!

    WorkSpace migration 12.png


  11. Your migration is complete. You will now be redirected to the WorkSpace page:
    WorkSpace migration 13.png
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