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CalderaRIP V16.3 - What's new?



Adobe PDF Print Engine

Fix for macOS users

Update and correction of the color management issue that appeared in V16.0 due to an incompatibility with the previous version of Adobe PDF Print Engine.




New driver support

  • 8 new printer drivers
    • Roland EU-1000MF →
    • Kyocera Forearth →
    • EFI Pro 30H →
    • And more!
  • 2 new cutter driver
    • Aristo XML
    • InnoHue Flatbed
  • 1 new spectrophotometer driver
    • TotalColor qb / Barbieri LFP qb Textile









A version with many other enhancements

+ 12 bug fixes

+ 14 improvements





CostView deprecation and CostEstimation retirement

  • Starting with this version, the CostView web module interface is deprecated.
  • The CostEstimation option (CostView + CostProof) is retired.
  • CostProof alone has been kept on CalderaRIP's Spooler and, in the near future, other new tools for cost and ink consumption management will be available.

CostView deprecation.gif


For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to the CalderaRIP V16.3 changelog

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