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3. How to contact support?

Where to submit a request?

If you have an issue that cannot be solved using the documentation and technical articles available in HelpDesk, you can get in touch with a technician from our technical support team.

From HelpDesk, where you are currently, you can submit a request using our ticketing tool. It is available:

From the header


From the home page or article pages


  Tips & tricks

You can access HelpDesk:

  • Through WorkSpace, by clicking on the Help Center button at the top right.
  • From (click on Services and then Login to HelpDesk)
  • Or from the CalderaDock application and accessing the Direct Access tab.


Request form

Depending on what Caldera products you use, different forms are available. Here is the form for CalderaRIP users:


  1. First, you can choose to send a copy of your request.
  2. For CalderaCare users and gold platinum dealers, you must evaluate the severity of your issue. Depending on support investigations, this SLA priority indicator can be changed.
  3. Indicate the version of your software.
  4. Choose a topic from the list.
  5. Add a subject.
  6. Then, describe the encountered problem. Please provide as many details as possible related to your issue to speed up the request processing.


    If you already have it, it's advised to include your TeamViewer ID and password so that the Caldera support team can have remote control of your system if needed. How to install TeamViewer?

  7. Also, do not hesitate to provide screenshots or additional photos that could help our team understand and fix the issue.

Once your ticket is complete, click the Submit button. This will open the request page with a summary of your current issue.


Communication with the support team

The conversion with a Caldera technician is directly available from your own mailbox. You can just reach out to them with your email address.

If your issue is solved, please don't hesitate to let the Caldera support team know: the ticket will be closed by the assigned technician.

Once a ticket is closed it is necessary to open a new support ticket in the future for proper visibility and guaranteed response times.


CalderaCare150.png CalderaCare subscribers and gold platinum dealers

Severity of your request

It is important to note that companies who have subscribed to our CalderaCare maintenance contract benefit from a Service Agreement Level (SLA). Meaning, depending on the severity of the issue, a CalderaCare subscriber is offered options to submit the support request as:

  • Minor: with an 8-hour guaranteed response time
  • Major: with a 4-hour guaranteed response time
  • Critical: with a 2-hour guaranteed response time

If your company did not subscribe to CalderaCare or if you are not a gold platinum dealer, it is still possible to submit a support ticket, but the ability to choose the severity of your issue is not an option and a prompt response time is not guaranteed.


Follow your requests

CalderaCare users and gold platinum dealers can retrieve all the tickets submitted so far by going into the My Activities section. This section is available from the profile, in the HelpDesk header:


Here you can see the status of your requests:

  • Open: a ticket that has been assigned to an agent who is working to resolve it.
  • Awaiting your reply: a ticket that has been assigned to an agent, but the agent is waiting for more information from you before resolving the ticket.
  • Solved: displayed when work on the ticket is complete.

By clicking on a ticket, you can see a summary of your current issue. You have access to the conversation with a Caldera technician and you can reply to him directly here. You can also retrieve this conversion in your own mailbox and communicate with the technician with your email address.

If your issue is solved, do not hesitate to notify the Caldera support team: the ticket will be closed by the assigned technician. Or you can mark the issue as solved by yourself.


Now that you are familiar with the Caldera ecosystem, you are ready to start the installation of your Caldera product.

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