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HP Scitex FBXX0 - OS compatibility, limitations and solutions

This article reviews some of the constraints you may encounter while using your flatbed HP Scitex with CalderaRIP and the solutions we have at your disposal. The models concerned are the following:

  • HP Scitex FB500
  • HP Scitex FB550
  • HP Scitex FB700
  • HP Scitex FB750


OS and hardware compatibilities

With each new version of CalderaRIP, our operating system compatibility list is updated (you can check it by clicking here).

Despite the official compatibility list, the HP Scitex models mentioned at the beginning of this article may present some error messages in the Print Management module, or directly in the Spooler module once you send your file to print. This is not due to the CalderaRIP version directly but to an incompatibility between the software and the ethernet connection of the mentioned models.

Below you will find some solutions in case you encounter unexpected behavior with your printer.


Note that, despite downgrades as a solution to unexpected behaviors, you will still need an updated license supporting these changes.

Also, with each version change, you must have the driver according to the current version.

Operating system Limitation Solution
Linux These printers are no longer supported on Linux since Debian 9 (Stretch) and Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

Downgrade your OS to Linux Debian 8.6 (Jessie), then downgrade CalderaRIP to V14.X

macOS These printers are no longer supported on macOS since Monterey 12

Downgrade your macOS to any version older than Big Sur 11, then downgrade CalderaRIP to any version between V14.X or V15.X

If you want to use CalderaRIP V16.X, you can do so with macOS Big Sur 11 but, before downgrading, please check Apple's support page to know the compatibility of your hardware with this operating system.


Do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support team to discuss the options depending on your particular case


Feature limitations

Feature Limitation Solution
CostProof Not fully supported

Supported only with the action “Print” and printer set in “Print Only” or “Print&Save” mode.

Learn more.

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