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CalderaDock V3 - What's new?

CalderaDock Version 3.0

September 2023

Improved User Experience

Starting with this version, a new Home tab has been introduced.

This new tab includes the software, applications, and utilities currently installed on your station, as well as the latest news about Caldera.

Also, now in the Applications tab, you can see the installed software on your workstation and its version.

Finally, the Drivers tab now displays the driver compatible with your CalderaRIP version first.

  CalderaDock V3, UX Overview.gif

CalderaDock V3 direct install.gif


CalderaRIP Direct Install

Save time by installing CalderaRIP directly from CalderaDock​

If you don't have CalderaRIP on your workstation, you can now install it directly from the Applications tab to save time.


License management improvements

When a change is made in the license registration, CalderaDock will show a notification and do the Auto-Update of the license at the exact same moment, both in the host and the client license station.

Also, a Refresh button will always appear next to the license in case the update needs to be forced​.

  CalderaDock - license update.png


For more details, please refer to the CalderaRIP V3 - Changelog

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