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CalderaRIP V17.1 - What's new?

NEW print & cut drivers

Compared to the previous major version, CalderaRIP V17.1 includes:

  • 24 new printer drivers supported

  • 1 new trimmer family supported

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Addition of the MediaWedge 3.0 LFP V2 for X-Rite users

This version includes the MediaWedge 3.0 for Large Format Printing (LFP) V2 in your Print Standard Verifier option.

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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Version 3

CalderaRIP now officially supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Version 3, to improve the stability and security of its communication with compatible printers.

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New feature for CalderaCare users

CalderaCare is a set of additional and exclusive features, including all the major upgrades, premium training content and priority access to our technical support.

New "Mark image as done" setting

CalderaRIP now automatically marks images that have already been printed as "Done" in the Image Bar with a checkmark symbol.​

Users can easily filter "Done" jobs and jobs that still need to be printed, thanks to the bottom filter bar.​

Learn more about it with this dedicated article.




Features that remain exclusive for CalderaCare users



Caldera REST API

(Accesible via CalderaDock 3.1 or later)

The REST API facilitates the integration of CalderaRIP with your webshop or ERP to enable a more efficient workflow. It opens the way for automatic job submission, job spooling, and job cost tracking.

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SmartImport tag

For Textile Step&Repeat

Use the "repeat_y" metadata to set the desired number of vertical pattern repetitions for textile printing workflows or for automating wallpaper production.

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QuickPrints auto-naming

Save time exporting & sharing presets between your printers

When exporting a QuickPrint (the .xml file with printer settings), it will be named automatically with relevant information:​

  • Export_Printer_Preset_Date (only one preset selected)​
  • Export_Printer_Date (multiple presets selected)​

Bicubic Resampling

Print sharper images & details

When rescaling an image for large format applications, enable the bicubic resampling option to generate sharper details, avoid pixelated effects, and guarantee precise rendering.

Learn more about it with this dedicated article.







Smart Import

Ease job submission and reduce manual errors

Smart Hotfolders can automatically extract metadata (like loading size, media, etc.) from the filename to ease production and speed up job submission.

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Automate your approval workflow using the RIP

Export TIFF proofs of your jobs after Ripping, and send them to your customers before production to avoid unwanted waste.

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For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to CalderaRIP V17.1 - Changelog

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