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CalderaRIP 17.3 - What's new?

New OS Compatibility 

Ubuntu 24.04

This version is now officially compatible with Ubuntu 24.04

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Direction marks

Save time when manipulating cut jobs

The newly integrated "Add direction mark" checkbox, allows you to add triangular marks pointing toward the bottom edge of the cut job, enhancing your user experience and allowing you to quickly identify the orientation of your cutting jobs. 

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Better organized Workflows

New tags on the WorkFlow Editor

It is now possible to add one or more tags to each of your workflows. Once tagged, workflows now organize themselves, greatly improving the user experience through the Send To menu.

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Option to quickly delete all layers 

With the newly integrated "Delete all layers" button, next to the multi-layer field, it is possible to delete all layers without having to open the Manage Layers window.

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Drivers enhancements

  • 7 new printer drivers
  • 4 new cutter drivers
  • 12 improvements for printer/cutter drivers
  • 1 new target support (Xrite i1IO3 Plus)






New feature for CalderaCare users

CalderaCare is a set of additional and exclusive features, including all the major upgrades, premium training content and priority access to our technical support.



New order processing options in Hotfolders

In addition to the "Preserve Input Order" option added in V17.2, we now include a list of new sorting algorithms to process your job orders more flexibly. 


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For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to CalderaRIP V17.3.0 - Changelog

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