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How to update a license on my workstation

If your license has changed in WorkSpace registration, then the license will need to be updated on the workstation that is hosting the license (also known as the license server).

This article will explain the process that happens automatically when the station is connected to the internet, as well as the steps to manually perform the update (with or without an internet connection).

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What kind of changes may require a license update?

  • Extending a demo license
  • Adding a new driver
  • Switching drivers
  • Adding optional features
  • Adding users
  • ...


These changes can be made by you or the Caldera team, and apply to all types of licenses.


Automatic license update


If you use a Firewall, make sure that port 443 is open (i.e., the standard port for secure HTTP communication: HTTPS).

CalderaDock V3 or later

Starting with this version, CalderaDock performs the auto-update at the exact moment a license change is made. There is also a new Refresh button   to force the update (if needed).

Note that the license auto-update will be performed on the host station with CalderaDock (but will also be applied to the license client).


CalderaDock V2.1 or before

If your Caldera product is running on the same station that hosts the license and you have a stable internet connection, the license will automatically update within 6 hours after the changes were made.


Manual license update (with an internet connection)

If you need to force the update or if you do not host the license on the same workstation, use CalderaDock. This toolbox checks the license status at startup and indicates if an update is available.

Here are the steps to follow, according to each version.

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CalderaDock V1.8 or later

Step 1: Get the latest version of CalderaDock from the main dashboard of WorkSpace. Install it / Open it.

Step 2:  Next, click on the Licenses tab > Caldera RIP or PrimeCenter > Update icon


The update/refresh circle icon may take several minutes to appear after launching CalderaDock.


CalderaDock V1.6 - V1.7 (and before CalderaRIP VXX)


This process is specific to CalderaRIP software users with a version prior to a two-digit one (e.g. V9).

Step 1:  Go to CalderaRIP > Settings > CalderaDock


Step 2:  Next, click on the Licenses tab > CALDERA RIP > Update 


The update button may take several minutes to appear after launching CalderaDock.


CalderaDock V1.5 or before

Step 1: Go to CalderaRIP > Settings > CalderaDock


Step 2:  Applications > My Licenses > Launch


Step 3:  Click on "Update" (this next screen typically will indicate "Update Available")



Manual license update (without an internet connection)

If you do not have an internet connection on your workstation, due to high security and/or privacy, you can download the license update file on another computer and transfer the file to the main workstation with a flash drive.

Read on for a step-by-step process, or watch the video below:


Step-by-step process

Step 1: Download the license update file on a computer with internet access.

  • Log on to WorkSpace > Click on the username dropdown menu > And select "My Registered Licenses":


  • On the licenses page, click on the dropdown download arrow and download the "License Update" file:


Step 2: Save the downloaded license update (.V2CP) file onto a flash drive

Step 3: Upload this file to the workstation without internet access, through CalderaDock or the KeyManager module (only for RIP users)

With CalderaDock (Option 1)
  • Get the latest version of CalderaDock from the main dashboard of WorkSpace. Install it / Open it.
  • Go to the License tab. Click Apply License File > Choose > Select the license update file > Open > and Apply:


  • A pop-up message, "The license has been successfully updated" will appear, indicating that the update has been applied:


With the KeyManager module (Option 2)


This option is reserved for CalderaRIP users, as it is carried out in one of the software modules. You may be interested in reading: KeyManager - Overview

  • Under the Caldera Settings tab > Open the KeyManager module:


  • Click on Manage Licenses:


  • Then click on Load License Update:


  • Navigate to where the License Update File (.V2CP) is saved > Select the License Update File > Then click Load to apply the changes:


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