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Caldera licenses: all you need to know

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the licenses for Caldera products, as well as their renewal dates. 


What is a Caldera license?

A license is a permission to own, use or do something. Caldera offers you various products and services that you can use with two types of licenses:

  • A software license
  • Or a hardware license linked to a physical device known as a dongle

The online license management application used by Caldera is Gemalto Sentinel. This application is automatically installed at your first license registration from CalderaDock.

The latest version of Gemalto Sentinel is compatible with most (recent) operative systems. In macOS, for example, the support starts from Big Sur 11.6. Click here to check the full list of supported platforms. 


Note that Gemalto Sentinel requires ports 8443 or 443 along with the local firewall to be opened in order to work correctly.

If you experience any problems with Gemalto Sentinel, like not having your license automatically renewed every month, feel free to check the specialized section or contact our support team.


Software vs. hardware-based licenses

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Software-based license Hardware-based license

These have become the default activation method provided by Caldera.


  • No need for a dongle
  • The license is linked to a unique hardware identifier file called a Fingerprint
  • In this sense, there is no risk of breakage loss or theft of a dongle
  • License registration is also faster because the customer doesn't have to wait for the dongle to be received since there is no shipping necessary


All the information about license activation can be found in this article.


How does a software license work?

The software license is based on a unique C2V fingerprint file that replaces the dongle:

  • This fingerprint describes the hardware configuration of a computer hosting it, such as the network card and other components.
  • The software license that is attached to one computer, won't work on another computer, however, if the current computer fails the customer can connect to their workspace account to easily rehost the license on a new computer (based on a new fingerprint)


License details and key definitions

Through CalderaDock or WorkSpace, you will be able to see the status of your license, its validity (Limited for subscription-based or demo products, or Unlimited for perpetual licenses), and other details.

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On CalderaDock
Dock_license_1.png Dock_license_2.png
On WorkSpace
WorkSpace_license_1.png WorkSpace_license_2.png
  • Activation date. This is the date on which your software was first registered in WorkSpace. Once your contract starts, make sure you register your license as soon as possible so you don't miss out on Caldera benefits for a minute.
  • Validity date. Is the expiration of the current renewal period (depending on your license)


Depending on your time zone, the validity date may have one day of difference.

  • Expiration date. Is the date on which the license will stop renewing automatically (depends on your license)
  • Update date. Indicates the last date on which your license was automatically renewed. If the license is perpetual, this date will automatically change every 30 days.
  • Milestone date. Indicates the next date on which your license will automatically renew. This date is set 10 days before the expiration (or validity, depending on the license) date.
Case of a full license Case of a demo license



License renewal dates

Although CalderaRIP licenses are perpetual, they require a monthly renewal to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the software according to the latest available updates.

Example: If a customer registers their license on March 3rd the license will be valid until April 2nd, then the license will be automatically renewed for the next 30 days, and so on.

This renewal is what we call the Milestone date and is carried out automatically every 30 days through the Internet, so an Internet connection is needed at this moment.


You don't have to worry about your internet connection for the whole month since you only need it on the first activation and each renewal day. Note that:

  • If your RIP station had a connection problem on the renewal date, a manual renewal will be necessary. Learn more with this complete guide.
  • If your RIP station had an issue with its system date, firewall, or other unexpected behavior during the renewal date, read this article.
  • If you cannot guarantee a stable Internet connection at the RIP station at the required times, you may be better off using a physical license (dongle).
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