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How to assign a driver to a license?

If your license includes a certain number of drivers, you need to select the drivers you need and assign them to your license so that they appear in your Caldera software.

The driver assignment is the same for all Caldera software, whether it is a cutter driver or a printer driver.


Assigning a driver to an already activated license

If you already have a registered Caldera license and want to change a driver for another, or add a new driver, you must go through WorkSpace.


From the first assignment, you will be able to modify the assigned machines for 7 days. If you wish to make changes after this 7-day period, contact your Caldera reseller or sales representative.

  • Go to WorkSpace and sign in to your Caldera account.
  • Click on Download & Install area on the left, and go to Caldera Licenses Management tab.
  • In the My Licenses tab, locate your current license and click the pencil icon   in the Actions column.
  • In the Assign your machines section, you can manage your driver assignment.

    Assign drivers on Workspace_600px.png

  • Then click Continue to update the license with your changes.


Assign a driver to a new license

The driver assignment step for a new license is done during the license activation.

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