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KeyManager - Overview

The KeyManager module of CalderaRIP displays the status of the currently attached license and allows you to manage this and other licenses, as well as to activate new ones:



Activate new license button

By clicking on this button, you will be able to:

  • Save the fingerprint file: Select the destination folder for your Workstation’s fingerprint (.C2V file)
  • Load license file: Select the folder of your license file (.V2C file)


The activation/registration of new licenses is now an automatic process that can be performed through our CalderaDock toolbox (since version 2.0).

In this sense, the "Activate new license" button in the KeyManager module is a legacy of the manual process. Refer to one of these videos for more details:


Manage licenses button

By clicking on this button, a window will appear that is divided in two: in the upper part, you can see the license(s) found by CalderaRIP. Once a license is selected, in the lower part you will see its content:



List of licenses

  • Access number: This is the unique identifier of your license.
  • Attached? Properly attached licenses display the message "Yes", while licenses that are not currently attached do not display any message.
  • Type: It can be a software-based license or a hardware one (dongle).
  • Dongle / Host ID: This is the unique identifier of your dongle (for hardware licenses) or workstation (for software licenses).
  • IP address: The Internet Protocol address refers to the location of your workstation.


License content

  • Product name: In this list you will find all the modules/products included in the license.
  • Key usage: According to the type of license, some products may have a usage limit that will be shown in this list.
  • Validity: This can be "Unlimited" if you bought a perpetual license or "Limited" for demo or subscription-based licenses. 


Learn more about validation dates with this specialized article.


Actions (buttons)

  • Attach: Depending on your production needs, it is possible to switch between different licenses. This button is also useful if your license was not correctly attached through the automatic process and you need to re-attach it. 
  • Load license update: Use this button to load a new .V2C file, in case your license has been updated.


Learn more about license updates or upgrades with this specialized article.

  • Refresh: Use this button to refresh all the information (including the license’s content).
  • Close: This closes the "Manage licenses" window and takes you back to the KeyManager main view.
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