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CalderaRIP V16 - What's new?

NEW OS support

macOS 13 Ventura

  • Still supported: macOS 11 (Big Sur), and 12 (Monterey).

  • Drop of macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave), and 10.13 (High Sierra).

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Integration of ​Adobe PDF Print Engine 6

The latest generation of this tool guarantees you to print the rendering expected. 

  • Predictability​

  • Consistency​

  • Performance

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NEW drivers

CalderaRIP V16 includes more than 40 new drivers

  • +30 printer models supported

  • +10 cutter models supported

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NEW GrandCut Editor

Save time synchronizing Methods & Materials in GrandCut

The process that was previously done manually now has a simple interface for creating, editing, selecting, and associating materials/methods to cut. Available for 15 GrandCut drivers.

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Now available for ALL users!

PDF Multi-Page&Cut

Have several projects with different cut contours?

Group them into multi-page PDF files and submit them directly to CalderaRIP to save time and avoid manual errors. Reducing the number of files to handle also guarantees a more efficient workflow.

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"Image Step&Repeat" shapes sorting method in VisualCut

Optimize your cutting path for a faster and more accurate cutting process!

When preparing your images, the RIP builds the rows by grouping the shapes by images, which helps the head of your cutting device to follow an optimized path and avoid useless back and forths.

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VisualCut & GrandCut:
"Force 180 degrees"

Save time in sublimation or lamination workflows

You can now rotate your jobs by 180° in VisualCut or GrandCut. This option helps to save valuable time by having your jobs ready for the cutting step right after printing.

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"Use Printer S&R" optimization for Tex&Repeat

Speed up your textile printing workflow

This option lets the printer controller manage the step&repeat which makes the ripping process a lot faster for repeated patterns. Drivers concerned:

  • Reggiani Renoir

  • EFI EFI-COLORS-340, EFI-POWER-340, Fabrivu

  • Kornit Allegro, Presto

  • All MS models

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VisualCut: Multiple passes

Easily cut thicker roll materials in multiple passes

Instead of re-cutting the same job multiple times, each cut contour will be cut in multiple passes. Available in VisualCut, this option helps to save time and increase the cutting precision when working with thicker roll materials such as 20mm vinyl.

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Still only with  




Smart Import

Ease job submission and reduce manual errors

Smart Hotfolders can automatically extract metadata (like loading size, media, etc.) from the filename to ease production and speed-up job submission.

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Smart Import: Dimension Tags

Reduce manual errors by automatically loading dimensions

The image size is automatically loaded based on the metadata and accurately scaled (width and height) to the correct size.

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Smart Import: Compose module

Automatically load the correct number of copies in Compose

The Smart Import implementation in the Compose module has a consistent and easy-to-use workflow, avoiding manual errors.

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Automate your approval workflow using the RIP

  • Export TIFF proofs after Ripping

  • Avoid ink & media waste

    • Proofs are color managed

    • No logos, no annotations... only the Ripped image

    • On-demand, and for all projects

    • Optional PrintProof (only workflow)

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For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to:

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