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CalderaRIP V16.2 - What's new?



The following features are exclusive to customers with an active subscription to CalderaCare. Contact us for more information about CalderaCare, our Support & Maintenance contract.



New EasyMedia option

In EasyMedia, you can enable the Auto-smoothing option to improve the linearization curve and eliminate color measurement inaccuracies.
This color management feature comes in handy when you’re working on a printer with large variability, with difficult media such as textile or corrugated— or if the spectrophotometer has not been handled properly. 

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Pantone Formula Guide

LAB Library update

Access the latest PANTONE Solid Coated V5 and Solid Uncoated V5 colors directly in CalderaRIP to match precise brand colors in your daily operations.

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Cut around bleed

New Page Setup option

When producing Canvas, use the new Cut around bleed feature to automatically generate a cut contour around the bleed of the canvas.

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Duplicate HotFolders

New button available

In the Hotfolders settings, duplicate existing hotfolders with the same printing parameters, and configure it with a different folder path to create small variations of your flow in just a few clicks —and enhance automation possibilities.

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For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please refer to the CalderaRIP V16.2 changelog


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