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PrimeCenter V3 - What's new?

🚀 PrimeCenter V3.0

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Basic becomes Essentials

To align PrimeCenter with the rest of the Caldera portfolio, the entry-level package has been renamed from PrimeCenter Basic to PrimeCenter Essentials.




New drivers_cropped_250px.png


Enhanced cutter compatibility

PrimeCenter now works with cut drivers:

  • Generic PDF driver
  • Zund driver
  • Kongsberg driver

Enjoy improved usability with tailored settings for each cutter, reorganized interfaces, and optimized default values. More info






New home page

Quick start and enhanced navigation

Version 3.0 includes a brand-new homepage with additional resources to help beginners get started with PrimeCenter.

Key settings have also been moved to this page for quicker access.







New recipe tutorials

The new homepage includes beginner-friendly recipe tutorials. Users can now quickly learn how to prepare banners or sticker sheets with PrimeCenter!




Automatic application.PNG


Input modules are automatically applied when files are imported manually

For Pro and Max packages, the behavior is consistent between manual and automatic applications: file name extraction, preflight profiles, and bleeds are applied to images when they are imported.





List of preflight profiles_300px.png


Applying profiles manually is now faster and easier

Instead of manually applying profiles one by one, save time by manually applying a list of checks and fixes to one or several files all at once.




Cut marks adjusted to the media_250px.gif


Enhanced cut mark placement

Cut marks adjusted to the media

It is now possible to choose between adjusting the cut marks to the layout or to the media, optimizing automatic mark detection by your cutter.





Orientation arrows_250px.gif


New orientation arrows for Zund drivers

Quick verification of print orientation

New option for Zund cutters to print orientation arrows for at-a-glance orientation verification.



For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements and bug fixes, please refer to PrimeCenter V3 - Changelog.

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