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1. Understanding Caldera ecosystem


There are 4 different platforms and services available when operating a Caldera software:

  •, the official website.
  • WorkSpace, to access downloadable resources.
  • CalderaDock, to install, launch and manage all Caldera softwares.
  • HelpDesk, where you are currently, for documentation and support access.

Let’s explore their characteristics.


Caldera website

Caldera website. is a public website, nevertheless, it already contains a lot of valuable information. In addition to general product presentations, you can find useful technical information about each of our software:

  • You can quickly check the minimal hardware requirements, whether you are looking for a Windows, Linux, or macOS based installation.
  • You can also check the Operating System compatibilities in order to ensure a successful installation.
  • Another useful tool is the supported peripherals page. Indeed, this page lists all printers, cutters and other devices supported by our software. You can also find here the price category of each device to guide you in your licensing needs.


WorkSpace_icon.png  WorkSpace

The WorkSpace platform is at the core of the Caldera ecosystem:

  • It is the starting point for whoever wants to use or try a Caldera software.
  • Creating a WorkSpace account is a necessary step before moving forward with any Caldera software, whether you are an end-user, a partner, or a prospect.

From an active WorkSpace account, it is possible to register and download:

  • licenses,
  • installation packages,
  • updates,
  • printer drivers,
  • and ICC profiles.

For partners and prospects, it is also possible to ask for or renew a demonstration license.


CalderaDock_icon.png  CalderaDock

Whether you are operating your Caldera software on a Linux, Windows, or macOS operating system, CalderaDock is the first software to install, as it allows to install, launch, and manage all your Caldera softwares.

So, downloading, and installing CalderaDock is the next step after creating a WorkSpace account.


In addition, CalderaDock features useful tools and resources to ease your software configuration and maintenance on a daily basis.


HelpDesk_icon.png  HelpDesk

HelpDesk is the go-to platform for documentation resources related to all Caldera software. HelpDesk is accessible from WorkSpace and is bound to your WorkSpace credentials.

Whether you need help with CalderaRIP, PrimeCenter or to set up your print & cut peripherals, use the search bar to find the resources you need. Browse through our documentation, troubleshooting articles and video tutorials to learn new tips and tricks about Caldera solutions and save time in your daily operations.

If you have a technical issue, you can contact our support team through our ticketing tool to receive help and solve your problems.


You need to log in with your WorkSpace credentials to view all the content on HelpDesk. Otherwise, you only have access to limited content.

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