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PrimeCenter V2 - What's new?

ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.6

macOS Sonoma.png


New OS support

macOS 14 (Sonoma)



Support of ZCC4 driver

You can use a larger variety of devices

PrimeCenter 2.6 officially supports Z√ľnd cutting tables using ZCC Version 4.

Change directory on the fly.PNG  

Select a different print directory on the fly

Manage your production in a semi-automated way with more flexibility

You can change the destination directory for print files on the fly to make semi-automated workflows more efficient and flexible.

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Most used profiles

Easier use of the profiles!

PrimeCenter now displays the 10 most frequently used profiles at the top of the profile list. These profiles are calculated based on the number of times they are applied across all recipes, with separate counts for input and output profiles.


Most used profiles.PNG




Orientation information.png


Optional barcode orientation information

Better management of cutters

You can now choose whether to include orientation information in the barcode, with the toggle set to 'off' by default. This change provides greater flexibility in barcode generation.

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ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.5

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Inspect your layouts before production

From the Print file options module, manually or automatically export a PDF report of your layouts for inspection before production.
PDF reports include the images, number of copies, media, size, and various metadata to help you save time identifying and tracking jobs.

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New URL in XML job tickets

HTTP links are now supported as input file paths. You can load distant HTTP files via XML job tickets for easier automation. 

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ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.4

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New OS support

  • Linux Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish)

  • macOS 13 (Ventura)


Preserve job order in nesting

Save time prioritizing your jobs

This new feature gives operators more flexibility in job management. By using specific metadata, jobs can be grouped and prioritized automatically to facilitate the dispatch of customers' orders.

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Fixups in input XML job ticket‚Äč

Automate job preparation even further

Operators can now indicate the fixups to apply directly in the input XML job ticket. This improvement grants more flexibility in automated workflows and reduces the number of recipes to manage in PrimeCenter.

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ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.3

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Smart recipes - Media coverage indicator

Make the most of your valuable media!

PrimeCenter indicates the media coverage of each nested layout. The Media coverage indicator helps to quickly identify the most optimized layouts. For more flexibility, media coverage levels can be customized depending on the media, using the recipe settings.

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Smart recipes - Format

Reduce complexity and media waste

Several formats can now be selected for a given media, and PrimeCenter will suggest the one with the least amount of waste to nest the jobs.

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Better ZCC integration

Increase the cutting accuracy of your Z√ľnd cutter

PrimeCenter now automatically synchronizes media and ZCC materials with the same name, in order to save time and avoid complex manual setups. For more flexibility, users can also manage multiple ZCC associations per media.

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Faster loading of multipage PDF files

Save up to 50% time when loading multipage PDF files

Benefit from increased performance when working with multipage PDF files. The loading speed has been improved to help operators be more efficient in file preparation.





ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.2



Tracking code placement and rotation

Compatible with more cutting devices & production environments

Benefit from more customization in the cut module according to your needs and production constraints:

  • Manage layout orientation
  • Manage QRcode rotation

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Independent corner marks

(De)activate corner cut marks regardless of edge cut marks

The ability to manage corner marks independently is useful for label and packaging applications.

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Toggle modules view

Easily switch the interface

Switch between the studio interface and the module panel by clicking on the empty areas of the module bar or with Ctrl + M shortcut.

Shortcut list


ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.1

Pre-configured settings & cutter

Onboarding to create first cutter at first launch

Reduce by 2 the time to start with a cutting device configuration. During PrimeCenter initialization:‚Äč

  • Default directories are created and instructions are displayed‚Äč
  • You are guided to create your first cutter







First launch guidance

Welcome popup to get a first look through PrimeCenter

When launching PrimeCenter for the first time, a welcome popup provides a direct link to a Helpdesk article about the first use of the software



New Check/Fix modules

Check/Fix areas from Input module and Export module have become 3 separate modules

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Combine multiple fixups

Save time by applying more flexible fixups 

Instead of creating multiple recipes, combine multiple fixups together and apply them to your files. ‚Äč




New Export modules

The Export module has been split into 3 separate modules

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Improved processing speed

Benefit from higher performance when processing input hotfolders and when running multiple recipes simultaneously ‚Äč

ūüöÄ PrimeCenter V2.0

New OS support

  • Windows 11

  • macOS 12.4 Monterey






Internal registration marks only

Save 12% more media by using internal marks only

Use internal marks regardless of edge marks to:‚Äč

  • Avoid media waste and reduce your costs‚Äč
  • Make the most out of your valuable media

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Layout locking‚Äč

Avoid manual errors on your layout or make last-minute adjustments‚Äč

  • Layouts are locked by default for a secured manipulation‚Äč
  • Unlock layout content as needed, and make last-minute modifications directly in PrimeCenter






Easily manage your banners by adding grommets automatically‚Äč

  • ‚ÄčMore flexibility when adding grommets to match the users' needs
  • Homogenous distribution of grommets according to desired parameters‚Äč

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Split for re-nest

Further optimize your input files to reduce media usage ‚Äč

Split grouped shapes for a better nesting:

  • Having one file per shape is very useful for Lettering applications‚Äč
  • The ability to "re-nest" shapes is useful to avoid media waste‚Äč

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Color under marks‚Äč

Improve cutter detection and accuracy on non-white media

  • More flexibility to configure the cut marks when printing on non-white media‚Äč
  • Add white ink and/or colored ink under and/or around the cut marks to improve the cutter detection‚Äč
  • Export the output PDF file and send it to any RIP & cutter ‚Äč

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Resize your files

Resize input files designed with different sizes

Go beyond the limits* of Adobe© software when preparing files for large-format projects:

  • Resize input files to a specific size (bigger or smaller)
  • Prepare simple templates with the same size for your files¬†

*Designers are limited by the 5m x 5m size (maximum PDF size) when preparing files. It is common to receive small files that you need to resize at the prepress stage. 








Various fixups library 

More flexibility & options to optimize all types of input files 

  • Crop your images to reduce media usage and waste
  • PDF box
  • Rotate page for corrugated materials
  • Mirror page for lamination or sublimation




Recipes queue

Save time by queuing all your recipes‚Äč

  • PrimeCenter will queue all your recipes to let your operators focus on other tasks ‚Äč
  • No need for operators to go back and forth to play the next recipes once the current one is finished

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Lighter interface

Recipe configuration is now easier to use‚Äč

  • ‚ÄčBetter separation between recipe configuration and recipe content‚Äč
  • More space and clarity‚Äč
  • Better user experience ‚Äč
  • Ready for dual-screen





New light theme

Focus on details without tiring your eyes‚Äč

  • Choose the dark or light skin according to your preferences‚Äč
  • Switch skins directly from the settings at any time



For the exhaustive list of new features, improvements and bug fixes, please refer to PrimeCenter V2 - Changelog.

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