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PrimeCenter installation - Step by step guide

Learn how to install PrimeCenter from start to finish. In this article, we will guide you step by step and provide you with links where you can read about related topics in detail.



  • A valid PrimeCenter software license
Computer requirements

Operating System (OS)


1. Create a WorkSpace account

WorkSpace is the single access point for all Caldera resources. To create an account, go to WorkSpace and fill in the account creation form. You will receive an activation email soon after. 

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2. Download and install CalderaDock

It all starts with CalderaDock, the perfect toolbox to manage the licenses and installation of all your Caldera solutions. Download the latest version directly from the main WorkSpace dashboard, as shown here:


Apple_OS_logo.png Ubuntu_OS_logo.png Debian_OS_logo.png Windows_OS_logo.png

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3. Register and activate your license


PrimeCenter requires at least CalderaDock V1.6.1 or newer. Please confirm you have the latest version or download it directly from Caldera WorkSpace. Without the latest version, you will be unable to activate PrimeCenter.

Once a license has been purchased, the license information will be provided. Two options are then possible:

  • The license information can be sent via a "Welcome E-mail" directly to the end user,
  • Or it can be sent to the partner handling the installation.

The activation/registration of new licenses is a simple process that can be performed through the "Licenses" tab of CalderaDock. Follow the wizard or check the complete guide to learn about license activation.



We suggest you register the product from the workstation used for PrimeCenter. Internet access is mandatory.


4. Download and install PrimeCenter

To download the latest PrimeCenter version:

  • Open CalderaDock and go to the Applications tab.
  • Click on Install plus-circle.svg to directly install the software, or click on Download download.svg if you need to install it in another workstation.


5. Explore your Caldera software!

You can now open PrimeCenter. Start your Caldera experience by exploring the interface. Have a look at this article for help with your first use.

macOS specific

On macOS, the first time you launch PrimeCenter, you will be asked to grant full disk access to an executable called calapisvc. This step is really important, otherwise the software may not work as expected.

If you don't follow the instructions when the software starts, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  2. Once the System Preferences window is opened, go to Security & Privacy.


  3. Then, go to the Privacy tab.


  4. Select Full Disk Access and click the lock to make changes. If asked, type your computer password and click unlock. Then click the + button.


  5. Now, press ⌘+⇧+g (Command+shift+g) on your keyboard. In the dialog that appears, type in /opt/caldera/bin and click Go.


  6. Finally, select calapisvc and click Open.
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